Sabit Kanatlı Dikey Kalkış Özellikli IHA Sistemi Falcon-V

Başlatan 7Skies, Mar 05, 2016, 08:07 ÖÖ

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Hafif İHA sistemlerinde dikey kalkış için güzel bir yöntem. Savaş gemilerinde düşünülebilinir.

Top Engineering Group
The production version which has a MTOW of 22kg and features a wingspan of 3 metres was preceded by a 2 meter prototype version while a company brochure also mentions a previous 1 meter prototype. With the system having a unique fixed wing VTOL configuration,
Controllable up to a range of 50km using the system's datalinks, Falcon-V is also capable of flying autonomously up to a range of 200km following predetermined waypoints. Depending on the aircraft's wingspan, the maximum altitude at which the Falcon-V can operate is either 3,000 or 5,000 metres. Maximum speed is given as 130km/h, or 110km/h for the 4.5 meter wingspan version.

- Mesajı Paylaş


Kore'nin de güzel bir tilt rotor çözümü var. Esinlensek hoş olur. Mesajı Paylaş

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