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AV-8 Gempita Infantry Combat Vehicle with LCT30 ATGW Ingwe Turret

Thanks to Sekut Gulo we hereby present to you the picture of LCT30 ATGW Ingwe Turret on AV-8 Gempita.

Denel Land System is supplying 176 turrets for the Malaysian project; the contract covers 69 armed with the DLS 30 mm CamGun; 54 armed with the same cannon and the Denel Dynamics Ingwe missile; and an overhead weapons station for the armoured personnel carrier variant of the Malaysian vehicle.

The LCT30 ATGW variant is the most well-armed variant of the AV8, and is equipped with the LCT30 ATGW turret from Denel Land Systems. The LCT30 ATGW turret is armed with a Denel GI30 30mm gun and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun as well as four ZT3 Ingwe 127mm anti-tank guided missiles. The Ingwe is a laser beam riding missile with a range of 5000m and the ability to engage moving targets. 54 units of this variant will be produced in the first batch of 257 AV8s.

(source armyrecognition)

12 of the IFV-25 variant which is fitted with a one-person FNSS Sharpshooter turret armed with a stabilised ATK Armament Systems M242 25 mm dual-feed cannon and an FN MAG 58M 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun (MG) are assigned to the 19th Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment, which is said to require 88 Gempitas in total. This beast is already in operational in Sabah.

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Malesia has chosen Denel's Ingwe missile. I wonder if our corporations had given a proposal? It has been expected that we supply that need as a close partner of Malesia! It's good to supply APCs, but arming it is better. Mesajı Paylaş


Turkish company Katmerciler is presenting its defense vehicles at DSA 2016

Katmerciler Araç Üstü Ekipmanlari San. A.S. is reaching out to Malaysia for introducing the defense industry oriented vehicles. The company is currently exhibiting at the 15th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and presents its defense vehicles in hall 2.

Katmerciler is presenting its defense industry vehicles at DSA 2016 640 001Katmerciler's stand at DSA 2016
Taking part in Turkish pavilion in Malaysia Defense Industry Fair, Katmerciler introduces all defense industry vehicles as well as exhibiting a Riot Control Vehicle in the stand numbered 2001 in the 2nd hall of the fair. In the defense industry oriented vehicle portfolio of the company, there are Armored personnel carriers, Armored Excavator Loader/Construction Equipment, Riot Control Shield which are reinforced by Katmerciler from as per ballistic aspects.
Most of the riot control vehicles manufactured in the last five years and brought to the use of the Security General Directorate and the Gendarmerie General Command carry the signature of Katmerciler. Katmerciler is also an exporter of riot control vehicles. The riot control vehicle with ballistic protection to be displayed at the stand is the leader of its segment with a tank capacity of 5 thousand liters of water, 80 liters of foam, 60 liters of paint and 60 liters of gas.

T.O.M.A. Anti Riot vehicle

The 4x4 armored personnel carrier vehicle Khan.D, developed at NATO standards holds the capacity to carry eight staff members at once. The vehicle is 5010 mm in length, 2330 mm in height and 2050 mm in width. Its dry weight is 4930 kilograms while the carrying capacity is 1000 kilograms. The vehicle is able to reach 130 kilometers per hour due to its 286 hp. While it can climb 60% vertical slopes, it can also maneuver in 30% side slopes. The ballistic protected fuel tank capacity is 138 liters.

The Armored Excavator Charger Construction Vehicle is also a 4x4. The machine features the crab walk system and its control system is full hydrostatical. The operator seat is multilaterally adjustable and features suspension. An air conditioning system is available inside the cabin for heating and cooling. The entire paint on the vehicle fire-retardant/anti-flame thermally insulated.

The vehicle's wind shield protection is automatically activated and deactivated without the need to exit the vehicle. The headlights, front and rear fog lights and wing mirrors are protected against assaults with stones and bats.
The Protection Shield that is to be introduced by the company enables protection for up to 36 people with its weapons. It contains shooting ports designed to be used for the shooting of the weapons which are not directly deadly. This may be used as a door for the devolution of the rapid reaction forces with its defeasibility feature up to 3 meters, absorb shock in rigid terrains while on the move, and can be equipped with a ballistic covering with a covered elevating platform.

Source: Mesajı Paylaş


New generation of armoured fighting vehicle FNSS Kaplan-20 makes its debut in Asia at DSA 2016.

At DSA 2016, the Defence Services Asia in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the Turkish Defense Company FNSS presents for the first time in the ASEAN region, the KAPLAN-20, a new generation of light tracked armoured fighting vehicle that has the ability to move together with main battle tanks.

The Kaplan-20 can be fitted with two turret options, including a two-man turret and an unmanned version. At DSA 2016, the Kaplan-20 is displayed with an unmanned turret armed with a an ATK Bushmaster Mk 44 30 mm dual-feed cannon.

The KAPLAN-20 armoured fighting vehicle is fitted with an independent panoramic commander's sight and a stabilized gunner's sight, providing increased surveillance and target detection capabilities. Both the gunner and commander sights feature a thermal channel, day channel, laser range finder (LRF), and fire control system.

Thermal sights and laser-protected glass periscopes are provided to the driver for high-situational awareness. The vehicle is also integrated with a stabilized electric turret drive system.

KAPLAN-20 has a low silhouette, and with its twin 6 road wheeled tracks, has the ability operate in hot/cold weather conditions at high speed not only on asphalt and stabilized highways, but also in soft soil, muddy and rough terrains. The advanced suspension system, tracks has been designed to reduce vibration and increase road holding. Access to the vehicle is gained through a personnel door on the ramp or the hydraulic ramp located at the rear of the vehicle.
On the top, there is a wide hatch for personnel and another hatch that has been specifically designed to maximize the driver's field of view. The maintenance and repair of the power pack are performed via the cabin access hatch and hatches that are at the front of the vehicle. The two fuel tanks are located at the rear for balance and are fully-armored and isolated from the vehicle to ensure the security of personnel.

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Otokar exhibits its Cobra II at DSA 2016

Otokar, the largest privately owned company of Turkish defence industry, presents its 4x4 wheeled armoured tactical vehicle COBRA II at 15th Defence Services Asia Fair (DSA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 18th & 21st April.

Otokar exhibits its Cobra II at DSA 2016 640 001The Otokar stand at DSA 2016 in Kuala Lumpur (Photo: ArmyRecognition)
As a Koc Group Company, Otokar participates in DSA 2016, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 18th & 21st April. Otokar displays its 4x4 wheeled armoured tactical vehicle COBRA II in its stand.

Highlighting the success of Otokar in international markets and the aim of opening to new markets General Manager Mr. Serdar Gorguc said: "Otokar, apart from being the main supplier of the Turkish Military and Security Forces for wheeled tactical vehicles, serves 50 different end users in almost 30 countries. Today over 29 000 Otokar military vehicles are in service in many different parts of the world with an outstanding performance. Capabilities of the design, testing, development, and production under one single umbrella greatly differentiate Otokar among our rivals and we are extremely pleased to see that, our intense focus in the business is appreciated by our customers. We are proud to be here in DSA again."

Otokar tactical armoured vehicles are operating under many different geographical and extreme climate conditions in the world and their combat capabilities are proven in the real combat situations in high risk areas. Today, Otokar military vehicles are globally deployed in various operations under UN and NATO flags.

Otokar exhibits its Cobra II at DSA 2016 640 002The Otokar COBRA II 4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle
COBRA II 4X4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle is a modular platform with superior technical and tactical characteristics which is developed over existing COBRA Vehicle. Besides outstanding mobility, COBRA II provides higher ballistic and mine protection, increased payload capacity and internal volume. With its wide range of weapon integration and mission equipment options COBRA II can serve various types of missions including urban and peacekeeping missions with optional amphibious feature. The vehicle provides a remarkable performance in a wide range of challenging terrains and climatic conditions. Recently, Otokar received a contract for COBRA II to perform in various missions of Turkish security forces.

Source: Mesajı Paylaş


Roketsan exhibits the Teber system at DSA 2016

TEBER system is designed to increase the probability of hit, against moving target. TEBER is compatible with Mk-81 and Mk-82 general purpose bombs.

TEBER consists of a semi-active laser seeker (SAL), a (body) strake kit that is located in the front section. Tail section has aerodynamic control surfaces, inertial guidance system combined with GPS/GNSS receiver, guidance computer, control actuation system and thermal battery.

TEBER bomb guidance kit has a range of 2 to 8 nautical miles depending on release altitude, a maneuvrability of +/- 3g and can engage targets moving up to 110 km/s.

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Keypoint: Aselsan

DSA 2016: Destini Shipbuilding reveals design of new MMEA patrol craft

A model of the MMEA's NGPC, unveiled for the first time at DSA 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Source: IHS/Ridzwan Rahmat

Malaysian shipbuilder Destini Shipbuilding & Engineering has unveiled the design for a 44 m coastal patrol vessel platform that it is currently building for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Authority (MMEA).

The vessels, which are known as the New Generation Patrol Craft (NGPC), were ordered under a six-ship, MYR380 million (USD96.8 million) contract that was signed in 2015. The company, which was formerly known as Destination Marine Services, told IHS Jane's at the DSA 2016 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur that it was the first time the design is being made public.

The NGPC has been based on a design by Germany-based Fassmer Shipbuilding Company. According to specifications provided by Destini, the platform features an overall length of 44.25 m an overall beam of 7.7 m and a design draught of 1.95 m. Powered by two 1920 kW MTU engines, the vessel can attain a top speed of 24 kt and a standard range of 2,000 n miles at 12 kt. The ship displaces 297 tonnes and can accommodate a crew of 41.

A Thales Fulmar UAV launcher is situated just behind the position of its primary weapon - an Aselsan 30 mm remote controlled naval gun. To recover the UAV, a net-based impact-absorbing system is deployed on the deck behind the bridge where positions for two (one each on the port and starboard sides) 12.7 mm machine guns are also provided.

A crane to deploy and retrieve a rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) is situated at stern. The ship has also been equipped with two nozzles, one on each bridge wing, for at-sea fire-fighting capabilities.

The first NGPC is expected to be delivered by December 2016 while the last vessel is expected to be delivered by June 2018, said the company.


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ASELSAN and K DEFENSETECH signed a Memorandum of Agreement in Malaysia

ASELSAN has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for cooperation with DEFENSETECH SDN BHD, based in Malaysia, during the DSA 2016 International Defence Exhibition, held in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia within 18-21 April 2016.  Concerned MoA was signed by Mr. Faik Eken - Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Mustafa Kaval - Defence Systems Technologies Business Sector President representing ASELSAN; Mr. Zulkifli Abdullah - Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Mazli Yahya - Director representing DEFENSETECH SDN BHD. Turkish Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Şuay Alpay, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation General Manager Mr. Orhan Akbaş and Malaysian Undersecretary of Ministry of Defence Mr. Wan Mohd Asraf Wan Salleh also witnessed the MoA signing ceremony.   Within the scope of signed MoA, ASELSAN and DEFENSETECH SDN BHD plans to initiate discussions in order to establish a joint venture located in Malaysia, with the aim of satisfying the Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System requirements of Malaysia and other countries in the region. In the event that expected success and conditions are satisfied, it will also be plausible to add other products/systems of ASELSAN to the scope of this prospective Joint Venture.


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Turkish Firm Agrees On Defence Technology Transfer With Muhibbah Engineering

By Azizul Ahmad

Gulhan Dearsan JV of Turkey has agreed on transfer of technology in commercial and defence-related fields with Malaysian partner, Muhibbah Engineering Bhd.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ozcan Kahramangil, said the company had no restriction to do so, provided it was allowed by the Turkish government.

"I believe the Turkish government, which is friendly with the Malaysian government, will have no problem in allowing the technology transfer. Thus, we will make a transfer here (in Malaysia), through a joint operation, joint design, joint development and joint production ... this is our approach," he told Bernama here today.

Kahramangil was met on the sidelines of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Gulhan Dearsan JV and Bursa Malaysia's Main Board company, Muhibbah, on the second day of the ongoing 15th Defence Services Asia exhibition and conference 2016, from April 18-21.

The MoU is to pave the way for possible strategic partnership and technology transfer in various fields in commercial and defence-related industries.

It includes shipbuilding, mainly high-technology naval vessels, military and commercial boats, oil and gas related technologies and marine engineering, with prospect to penetrate the European and Asian markets.

Gulhan Dearsan JV is a joint-venture company between Gulhan Ltd and Dearsan Co, which specialises in designing and building complex naval vessels and commercial ships, as well as, the integration of weapon system; navigation, command and control systems and naval training.

The MoU was signed by Gulhan Dearsan JV Director Cihat Esrefoglu while Muhibbah was represented by its Deputy CEO Mac Chung Jin

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein witnessed the ceremony.

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Japan Changing Laws to Donate Orions to Malaysia

May 5, 2017 / Marhalim Abas

SHAH ALAM: It appears that Japan is working to get its laws changed so it can donate P-3C Orion MPA to Malaysia, Japan Nikkei Asian Review says today. Malaysian Defence reported about the plans to acquire the P-3Cs previously.

The report, however, states that it was Malaysia that approached Japan for the Orions instead of the other way around. I reported that Japan offered the surplus Orions and Malaysia asked that they were to be donated as the aircraft are intended to be use a gap fuller until we buy something new. Whatever it is there seemed to be traction for the deal to happen. The downside is that the Orions to be handed over would have some 15,000 hours on them.

Japan P-3C. JMSDF

As the aircraft first entered service in 1981, it is likely that the aircraft to be donated are those delivered around that time though they could also be the last batch of the 110 which were delivered. Some 80 P-3Cs remained in service from original 110, most of them manufactured in Japan by Kawasaki Aerospace Company. The Orions are being replaced by the indigenous MPA, the P-1, also manufactured by Kawasaki.

Kawasaki P-1. JMSDF

From Asian Nikkei Review

"TOKYO: Japan is looking to donate retired military patrol aircraft to Malaysia, letting that Southeast Asian country keep closer watch over the South China Sea to rein in China's maritime expansion.

Parliament is currently weighing revisions to the foundational law of the Ministry of Defense that would allow equipment to be given to other nations at no cost. Currently, some form of compensation is legally required for any national asset. Malaysia will likely be the first beneficiary once that change is made, receiving P-3C patrol aircraft previously used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

P-3Cs, developed by Lockheed Martin of the U.S., are equipped with radar and other capabilities letting them detect and monitor suspicious ships and submarines. Kawasaki Heavy Industries manufactured the aircraft under a license agreement for a time, though that production has since ended. The Maritime Self-Defense Force has 60 or so of the aircraft in operation, and plans to retire those that have logged around 15,000 hours in flight.

Malaysia approached Japan about adding P-3Cs to its fleet, according to an official at the Defense Ministry's Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency. Japan will hand the retired aircraft over after making renovations. The plan is to remove technologies such as high-performance radar used to detect submarines, which could qualify as defence secrets.

Tokyo aims to reach an agreement with Kuala Lumpur on the transfer of defence equipment and technology in short order to clear the way for a hand-off. The deal must accord with Japan's key principles regarding such transfers, which aim to ensure transparency, security and compliance with international law.

Japan will also conduct a review of the plan to ensure that neither defence equipment nor the technology involved will fall into China's hands, and plans to obtain permission for the transfer under the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations, due to the P-3Cs' American origins."

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No Offer of P-3C Orion by Japan, Says RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) Chief

10 May 2017 Mesajı Paylaş

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