SNA 2018: BAE Systems Unveils High Powered Microwave

Başlatan Alkyone, Oca 16, 2018, 02:40 ÖS

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At the Surface Navy Association's (SNA) 2018 National Symposium held last week near Washington DC, BAE Systems was showcasing for the first time its High Powered Microwave.

This new concept developed by BAE Systems uses radio frequency to defeat enemy targets. The company already conducted some testing (in a non maritime environment) to demonstrate it ability to defeat a wide range of threats.

The system uses a Mk 38 gun weapon system base. Over 400 Mk 38 are install across the US Navy fleet. Should the US Navy be interested, BAE Systems can either convert some of the existing gun systems into HPMs or install new build HPM in addition to the Mk 38s.

HPM works with a microwave generator mounted below deck. Through high speed switching, the HPM generates a pulse which can be steered to an area of interest (thanks to the Mk38 base) and disrupt electronics in the targeted area.

Scalable and designed for use on all sizes of surface combatants, HPM instantaneously defeats a wide range of air and surface threats at tactically significant ranges (such as UAV, Aircraft, Helicopters, USV, Fast Attack Craft...) Mesajı Paylaş
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