Liaoning Aircraft Carrier Promotion Video

Başlatan Anatolia, Tem 28, 2017, 07:43 ÖS

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Tem 28, 2017, 08:55 ÖS Last Edit: Tem 29, 2017, 04:12 ÖÖ by saladin
Translating my reply  to English per  administration's request. I think this video was shared before in this forum. Liaoning  is a good training and practice platform for Chinese navy, I'm sure they are gaining tremendous experience in carrier operations. But  one wonders why we do not see combat-loaded aircraft in this video :)

Thanks to US and EU firms outsourcing and  manufacturing high tech products in China, Chinese engineers' quality is most likely on-par with their western counterparts. I have no doubt they can develop new technologies easier than, for example, their technology partner  Russia.

However, China is not there yet. Without modern catapults, this ship or the newer Type001A won't be an effective weapon in the modern airfield as the aircraft participating in combat operations will have to take off  with light weight, limiting their range  and weapons. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised  if China is developing plans to launch the aircraft from land fields (or their artificial islands) with full combat gear, and land them on the  carriers after their mission is finished.

 This carrier can strong arm any small nations around South China Sea, with or without its supporting fleet.  However, for a modern opponent, say Japan or USA its effectiveness will be limited. Mesajı Paylaş

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