Roketsan Introduces New Anti-tank Missile Launcher System for Light Armored

Başlatan Sabri Ünal, Eki 06, 2016, 06:38 ÖS

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Sabri Ünal

Eki 06, 2016, 06:38 ÖS Last Edit: Eki 06, 2016, 08:26 ÖS by Yönetim
At this second edition of Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition, the Turkish defense contractor Roketsan proposes to upgrade light armored vehicles with a new turret fitted with a mix of mid- and long-range anti-tank guided missiles.

Roketsan's prototype of anti-tank missile launcher fitted on BRDM-2 light armored vehicle

For introducing its new anti-tank missile system, Roketsan chose to fit it on the well-known Soviet-era BRDM-2 light armored vehicle, of which 29 are still in active service in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Roketsan's antitank missile system is specially designed for mounted infantry. It features tandem warhead equipped with four missiles for fighting against moving armored targets. The system also presents a 2-axis stabilization system for firing during motion and firing at moving targets.

The launcher system is equipped with nigt and day surveillance, navigation system, friend or foe recognition system. It can fires at 360° and from -10 to +35 degrees vertical plane. The system can be mounted on wheeled or tracked platforms.

The new missile launcher unveiled by Roketsan can be armed with a mix of Mizrak-O (OMTAS) mid-range antitank missiles and/or Mizrak-U (UMTAS) long-range antitank missiles.

The OMTAS is a surface to surface anti-tank missile with infrared sensor head which has a range of 4 km used against armored targets, having locking in before/after firing and fire-forget/ fire -update. With its 4 km maximum range and 200 m minimum range, OMTAS can function in all weather conditions, day and night.

UMTAS, with its maximum range of 8 km and minimum range of 500 m is capable of operating all weather conditions and day/night.

UMTAS, which can be used in Fire and Forget and Fire and Update modes, with the flexibility provided by its target update capability, offers to fire behind the mask position, fire against targets hiding behind mask and adjust hit point and damage assesment capability. UMTAS, defined as the official antitank system of Turkey's T - 129 Attack Helicopter, can be integrated to various platforms (Helicopter, UAV, Land Vehicle, Stationary Platform, Light Assault Aircraft, Naval Platform).

Roketsan's new anti-tank missile launcher at ADEX 2016

Source: Mesajı Paylaş
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